[EN] EcoTips (II): Seljalandsfoss

Seljalandfoss_MG_1228[ENGLISH] Seljalandsfoss is an amazing sight; a 40 metres heigh waterfall placed on the mountainside of Eyjafjalljökull, the well known volcano that erupted in 2010. This waterfall is unique in Iceland because of the possibility to walk behind it. Be warned though : You will get wet!
Also be careful when you`re walking as rocks can get slippery. In some areas there is no protection so it can be very dangerous if you fall down.
Unfortunately at the moment there are no bins at this sight so please bring your own bag to put the rubbish inside as it can pollute this beautiful area. Some tourists throw coins to the water because they believe it will bring good luck to them, but actually this is bad luck for nature as these coins can find their way into other water sources.


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